NATRIIX™ — MOA’s New Superhero Preservative

At ARIIX, every single ingredient in our products is taken into thoughtful consideration, even the ones you might not think about. Take MOA, for example. Loaded with 36 superfoods from the best sources around the world, this powerful formula shows how much we care not only about nutrition, but also how that nutrition is preserved.

The Problem with Preservatives
We want our products bursting with freshness and flavor long after they reach our customer’s doorstep. But here’s the glitch — to deliver this freshness months after purchase, preservatives are commonly used. And while necessary, they can also be problematic. Most manufacturers rely on chemicals to prolong a food’s integrity. These chemicals often compromise the food’s value and can be harmful to your health, with lasting consequences.

Something Different. Something Better.
Introducing patent-pending and award-winning NATRIIX, the purest preservative available, exclusively formulated by ARIIX and now the superhero ingredient in every serving of MOA.

Through a revolutionary blend of essential oils, culinary herbs and cultured compounds, NATRIIX preserves food naturally. No more chemicals, no more worries. Simply pure, robust ingredients bursting with freshness today and tomorrow.

Numbers that Speak for Themselves

While many in the industry doubted such a fete could be accomplished, ARIIX pushed the limits and charted unknown territories in the field of preservation sciences. We are dedicated to offering solutions that never harm your health, while remaining at the forefront of innovation.

Grab your newly reformulated bottle or packets of MOA today, now featuring the purest preservative available: NATRIIX!

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