Omega Q

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    BOUNTIFUL, United States - ARIIX, a leading and global company in health and wellness products, today announced that its popular dietary supplement Omega-Q has been approved in an independent test by Read the whole article!

ARIIX Omega-Q is a unique blend of essential Omega fatty acids and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ-10), two of the most formidable ingredients in the world to launch and maintain good health, starting at a cellular level. This balanced combination supports the functioning of the heart and brains and helps to give an overall sense of well-being. *

CoQ-10 is essential component for the optimal functioning of the body. Each body cell has CoQ-10 needed to produce energy. CoQ-10 also helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol levels supports the heart and plays an important role for the maintenance of a good mental functioning, because it protects the brain cells. Because CoQ-10 levels decrease as you get older, it is important to supplement with additional CoQ-10, in your diet in order to maintain good health and an optimal level.

Omega fatty acids from fish have been praised by various studies to support and maintain a healthy cholesterol level, healthy brain function and reproductive health. Because the body Omega-3 fatty acids cannot hold, it is also important to regularly supplement with Omega-3 in your diet.

ARIIX's Omega-Q is the natural choice for the addition of this dynamic duo essential ingredients to your diet in one convenient product.

ARIIX's fish oils surpass used in Omega-Q government regulations worldwide with regard to impurities. Omega-Q provides pure, high-quality, odourless and tasteless Omega-3 fatty acid to.

  • The only oils certified by the United States Pharmacopeia Convention (USP).
  • Harvested small ocean fish - including sardines and anchovies - from pristine ocean area on the west coast of South America. These fisheries are among the most stringently regulated fishing grounds in the world to assure you that our Omega is a healthy, sustainable and renewable resource.
  • From harvesting of these small fish, as opposed to larger fish or harvesting of blubber, reduces the probability of the presence of mercury, dioxins and other pollutants.
  • Our fish oil is further purified and tested to meet rigorous global requirements for quality and purity, including conditions of the European Union, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Health Canada and the U.S. FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).
  • Our oil also has the status of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe: generally recognized as safe) received from the FDA.


  • The CoQ-10 used in our Omega-Q supplement is one of the most tested and pure CoQ-10 preparations.
  • Our CoQ-10 is produced by natural fermentation of yeast which results in less pollution than CoQ10 produced in any other way can contain.
  • Identical to the CoQ-10 present in your body.
  • Our CoQ-10 has a self-controlled GRAS status (Generally Recognized As Safe: generally recognized as safe) for use in food and beverages.
  • Contains no genetic modified organisms (GMOs), allergens and kosher certified.
  • Our CoQ-10 is made in the USA under the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (Standard Production).
  • CoQ-10 has been shown safe in several studies with animals and humans, with clinical doses up to 3,000 mg per day without any negative side effects.

True to our promise to deliver only the best quality ARIIX Omega-Q is even healthier by using olive oil. Inclusion in the body of CoQ-10 this is in contrast to other cheaper, synthetic substances such as soybean oil, glycerine or Maltodextrin, often used in other products.

What makes Omega Q particular:
Only the combination of omega-3 and CoQ10 is identical to that present in our own body. Omega Q contains the only fish oil in the world that received the certificate GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), because the fish oil is purified with live enzymes and not with chemicals like other companies do. Furthermore ARIIX used only olive oil to promote the recording.

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