Priime Essential Oils

Science and nature perfect in balance

Priime oils are created te help you find and maitain youre balance. Using the best of what we find in nature.

  • CALM
    Calm is formulated to help you find a quiet place in a busy world. Emollient oils of neroli and lemon balm leaf, combined with mild lavender, soft vanilla and pure rose oil, restores and promotes peace.
    Ariix Priime Calm
    Coconut Oil is an oil -based supplement. It is easily absorbed by the skin, hair and digestive system. This makes it an ideal moisturizer, oil, massage and nutritional supplement.
    Ariix Priime Coconut Oil
    Escape is mixed to release tension, soothe stress and restore calm. To calm the mind and relax your body we have made an effective blend of fragrant lavender, Roman chamomile and soothing incense. These ingredients all have healing properties.
    Ariix Priime Escape
  • ICE
    Ice offers a refreshing cold penetration and provides sustained relief for skin , muscles and joints. Mint and camphor, together with helichrysum and chamomile, cool and soothes sore muscles. Black pepper oil stimulates the circulation, the natural painkillers birch and evergreen penetrate deep to get muscle pain.
    Ariix Priime Ice
    This natural antiseptic odor keeps you clean. The extracts of cinnamon, clove, tea tree oil and other natural purifying extracts of this blend, decontaminate you and your home naturally and make a lovely (clean) smell.
    Ariix Priime Sentry

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