Slenderiix are slimming drops by 100% homeopathic ingredients. Slenderiix ensures your micro vain are open sufficiently in order to maximize fat burning. It removes fat and body waste. The stubborn belly fat is addressed which is there to see quick results, what motivates them with a healthier lifestyle! With the drops of Slenderiix you lose on average a pound a day!

Slenderixx is taken in combination with Xceler8, a vitamin B12. It improves the absorption of the Slenderiix and your daily diet. It also ensures a better blood circulation in your body and give it more energy.

Losing weight will only work if you adjust your lifestyle. Otherwise, you will enter the famous jojo - effect. First lose weight and then fall back into your old pattern. So make sure that your pattern after the waste treatment is healthy and determined! Many exercise, healthy diet and drink plenty of water here are the basics of a healthy life.

To get the best results it is advisable to detoxify your body before starting Slenderiix. You can do it the best with Restoriix. You can find more information about the Restoriix under Products-Food-Restoriix. Restoriix is a detox for a month!

Start slimming with Slenderiix?

  • Start with the Restoriix, detoxifies and cleanses your body.
  • Take 3 times per day 10 minutes before each meal (breakfast/lunch/diner) 10 drops of slenderiix for 10 seconds under your tongue before swalowing it. After 10 minutes you take 10 drops of Exceler8 for 10 seconds under your tongue before swallowing it. Now you can enjoy your meal.
    It is important to get enough vitamins and minerals whilst slimming. This provides cellular nutrition that supports your energy and makes the body release more fat. These vitamins and minerals you can gain by using the Optimals (capsules) or the Moa (juice).
  • The first two days you remain eating normally. The Slenderiix drops enter the body looking for the fat reserves in order to drain it effectively days after. From the third, it is important to eat healthy and to leave unnecessary fat snacks. Drink sufficiently enough water to drain waste and take care of exercising enough.
  • You can stop the Slenderiix and Xceler8 if you have reached your target weight. It is important to stay at your goal weight for at least 180 days. The Moa supports stability in your weight and provides good nutrients.

With a set Slenderiix and Xcerler8 you are provided for 30 days. Never use the drops longer than 90 days in a row.

The Pure Nourish is ideal for healthy and nutritious meal replacement. This shake contains all the necessary nutrients you need. You won’t feel hungry anymore.

Do you want to lose more weight? Then it is wise to go use Vinali. Vinali is an excellent supplement to promote tightening of the elastic skin.

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